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Just like Compass to a Sailor, we want to be a Compass in the Journey of Every Aspirant’s dream of Achieving their dream Branch.

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Our Vision is to create an Affordable Alternative in the preparation of NEET PG without Comprising the Quality of the Content.

Medical Profession is a feat, it requires self-sacrifice purity of soul, purity of thoughts, the destination of every medical students to lead a successful career in post-graduation degree is there dream branch, with smash-19 we provide Affordable and updated content


Why to Choose Smash19? Question Bank & Test Series

Q Bank and Simulation Tests on authentic pattern with rich explanations, Clinical Based questions Prepared according to Latest Exams like NEXT, FMGE, INI CET with frequent updating of MCQ.s according to updates

High-Quality Question Bank

  • Latest Pattern Questions
  • All Difficulty Levels
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Image-Based Content
  • Includes previous years’ question papers

Test Series

  • Subject Wise Tests
  • Mini Tests
  • Image Based Tests
  • Grand Tests

Focusing on High yielding topics, Simulates the real exam with Detailed Explanations and with possible Video Discussions Prepared by India’s Top Faculty & Previous Exam Rank holders

Quick Learn with Smashers

Smashers have collective information regarding a particular topic in each Subjects 1337+ Smashers covering all important core areas of 19 Subjects Clinically Oriented Preparation at your finger Tips

Revision Program

Learn from your Mistakes Every Question you practise is important, especially in exam like NEET where you have Negative Marking In our revision Module all your incorrect answers in Q Bank are transferred to Revision Module based on your Q Bank Performance Adaptive s Correction that recognizes the learning potential of an individual student and gives customized improvement tips to help them get better.


  • Individual Subject Based Performance analysis
  • Topic Based Performance analysis
  • Test Series based Performance
  • Analysing your weak areas in 19 subject and make to more focus

Start your Preparation journey Today?

Just like Compass to a Sailor, we want to be a Compass in the Journey of Every Aspirant’s dream of Achieving their dream Branch.

Frequently Asked Queries

01 Compared with other applications, what are the advantages of Smash19?

A lot of research and learning has preceded the development of SMASH PG, which enabled us to create an approach best suited for the latest NEET PG pattern. 

If you have joined a good coaching institute and been attending all classes, you do not need Video plan. You can consider Q Bank+Test Series plan. 

However, it is essential to not spend too much time on videos or coaching. Practicing MCQs on Q Bank is necessary.

No, you cannot use more than one Device. 

No, you cannot share your Subscription. Sharing won’t be possible since we recommend relatively single user single device policy.

Yes. Our Editorial team, which consists of academic doctors and faculty they review Q Bank, Smashers and Test Series for every three-four weeks or after major exams and recent updates. This ensure that our MCQ modules and Test Series are up to date.

After Purchasing a Gold Subscription, there will be access to the locked MCQs Modules, and Test Series, Individual Performance and Subject wise analysis, A SMASH19 Gold subscription has meant to be used by only one user. 

You can solve a Q Bank module only once. However, you can always revise the MCQs & explanations from the review page. You can also bookmark the MCQs you want to solve again, which you can access from your bookmarks section.

Yes, the questions of Q bank and Mock Tests are different and prepared by our in-house Editorial team. We provide the content from the best sources

You can bookmark the MCQ while appearing for the Q bank for later revision on the Q bank screen by clicking on Bookmark Option. Bookmarks can be accessed on the Home screen or by clicking on the Bookmark Option.

No, as off now, we are not providing any Notes.

Yes, we have mock tests for exams like INICET scheduled well before the exam dates, which includes previous year questions and Latest pattern questions also.

Your Smash19 account is registered primarily with email id or mobile number used during the time of registration. The verification of phone number and association with email help in faster login and enhances security. We strongly recommend to use a valid mobile number and not to change it.

Tests cannot be retaken once it is submitted. You can review the answers of a test any number of times after submitting. You can also bookmark the MCQs you might want to revise.

Yes, Even After Completing of Tests. You can Review the Test they will be shown under Test Series Module, Review option will be available, you can choose filter option and review the answers with detailed analysis.

Yes, After Subscription you may upgrade the plan at any point of time 

No, once the plan is active for the chosen duration, you cannot pause your Subscription.

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